Pray for your competitors? What!

Attended a seminar entitled “Ethics in the Workplace”, a lecture delivered by Prof. Dallas Willard, a highly decorated , award-winning philosopher, author and academic, and very outspoken Christian.

Some high notes:

  • In the workplace ethics has become a merely a series of rules for keeping yourself out of trouble, and nothing more.
  • Personal ethics comes down to just two questions: 1. What kind of person should I be, and 2. What am I living for? The answer to 2.: work towards becoming a person who promotes the good in life.
  • What is a good person? Someone who is intent on promoting the good which is under his control and influence, especially in the workplace.
  • Even more radical, Willard suggests that we should live our lives benefitting others.
  • Regarding global economics and the concept of “continuous growth” for corporate performance, Willars believes this is the kind of hubris that brought down Enron and Arthur Andersson Consulting. It also creates severe temptation towards un-good and dubious ethical choices. It mustn’t become an end in itself.
  • Adam Smith (author of a seminal work, “The Wealth Of Nations”) is being taken out of context.
  • We no longer say may the best man win because we now believe that the person who wins is the best man.
  • Most radical of all: Instead of fighting with competitors, pray for them.

At the end I asked Willard some questions… Results of that follows tomorrow.


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