People or chickens… what’s more important?

More from  “Being Ethical in the Market Place”, by Dallas Willard…
Willard noted that society’s view of ethics had become so clouded that we could no longer distinguish what was more important… the life of a person and the life of a chicken. I challenged him on that. His answer paraphrased, obviously:
What is more important, a house cat or a napkin? Whose life is more important, a house cat or a tiger? Most would say the tiger. Why? Because of it’s far superior abilities and potential. The same with people. The chicken contributes very little to human society, emotionally, creatively or physically through good works. That is what makes a person superior to a chicken.
Willard and I concluded that the reason people displace their sympathies, energies and emotions away from people to “chickens” is because people have proven themselves to be a massive disappointment in so many ways, both personally and more broadly in the world. Willard concludes that this is further motivation for people to commit to choosing to do good over bad.

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