Professional people exist primarily to serve society. Who knew?!

First, some more unofficial notes from the “Being Ethical in the Market Place” seminar, followed by the official take-away:
  • The difference between professions and occupations? Professionals exist primarily to serve society (doctors, engineers, lawyers etc.). Professionals must look out for making themselves the first priority in their work.
  • Society must hold professional people accountable.
  • Believe that God will take care of you, professionally, financially etc..
  • Sometimes God allows your ship to sink, or God doesn’t bail you out in the way you were expecting.
  • Put biblical, Christian, good principles into practice in the workplace and expect surprising results.
And here’s the official top line thoughts from “Being Ethical in the Market Place”, by Dallas Willard:
  1. Ethics is not primarily a matter of what I do, but a matter of who I am and what I am living for.
  2. Business is God’s arrangement for making provision for the needs of people in an area. One can live for that.
  3. A mostly good person, in general, is one intent upon advancing the various goods of human life under his/her influence.
  4. The problem: How to make my business or profession an avenue of moral self-realization.
  5. The Christian Teaching of neighbour-love is at the heart of ethical love. What that means in business: You exist to serve.

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