Look up to see what’s coming down

Amazing how you sometimes can’t see the wood for the trees, neh? While I was dragging my feet and mentally muttering about what exciting marketing projects I’d rather be working on, and what kinds of clients I aspired to having, I didn’t see gems forming right in front of me.

One client has merged their business with another and now we’re working on a digital re-branding campaign with new digital extensions.

Another is launching a line of exotic, but beautifully crafted, hard wood furniture, and we’re working out a new marketing mix for that.

Another is porting their static web site into a funky and dynamic WordPress environment we’re building for them, and we’re building them a contact databse that I thik is going to dramatically improve their business outcomes.

I love graphs, data and infographics, and I’ve spent the last 3 weeks researching the social networking market in 7 African countries for a corporate client. Amazing stuff.

The latest is working out an extremely edgy, guerilla campaign for an eatery with the most fanatically loyal customers and best word-of-mouth, viral marketing that most brands would kill for.

Geez, it’s all happening. It’s… happening! And i’m in the middle of the vortex of colourful brainstorms, tough judgement calls, testy but ultimately loyal clients etc. etc.

Yup, its definitely a glass-half-full kinda day! Bring it!


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