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B your business

Apple and beeI live in a pretty “green” part of the world, so when a swarm of bees moved into our neighbours garden, talk was not so much about getting rid of them as about relocating them. The Bee Man came to get them. There was no fee for relocating the bees because of his clever business model…

  1. He collects the bees which he uses to re-stock his own hives. So it’s a boon to his business. Free stock? Yes, thanks.
  2. He then collects and sells the honey.
  3. In the summer he rents the hives to apple farms where the farmers host the bees to pollinate their orchards, in between making more honey.
  4. Apparently apples produced from bee pollination taste better than other methods, so the farmer expects to get a superior crop, which he sells at a premium.
  5. We eat a lot of apples in our house. You?
  6. At the end of the apple season the bee man takes his hives back home and continues honey production, restocking the hives with swarms that settle in gardens around our neighbourhood.



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