Index Media

Index Media provides digital marketing services to established small and mid-sized businesses in South Africa. The range of services offered includes:

  • using social networks
  • marketing on mobile phones
  • web site improvement
  • email marketing
  • market research and customer surveys
  • planning a marketing mix

How we work

Small business owners typically have neither the time nor the skills and expertise to put their marketing plans into action, so Index Media provides both the marketing best practices and the project management skills required for business growth and development.

Effective marketing, in turn, requires detailed knowledge of the entire company, from the product itself to the business processes that drive the organisation.

We believe that most small businesses in South Africa survive their first year or two fueled by the passion and focus of the owner. However, after the first year or two the business needs to grow or diversify, and this most often takes the busines owner out of their comfort zone. Business owners are forced to make crucial business decisions without the right information and support, and the results are fraught with risk and often damaging.

At Index Media our purpose is to help small businesses grow up, to get past the critical five year threshold where most South African startups fail, by providing the right kind of business support at the critical time. We want to guide and empower small business owners through this critical period of decison-making to lift their business to the next tier of sustainability and prosperity.

Our expertise is in using primarily technology to advance the growth of our clients. This includes mostly Internet-level services such as search engine optimisation, newsletter campaigns, web site upgrades and leveraging social media and mobile phone platforms.

Want to talk about taking your business to the next level? Contact us for a chat.


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